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My name is Claudia and I help teachers just like you achieve dreams they thought were always at arms length. In my previous life I have been a Civil Engineer in Italy, an Italian Language and Piano teacher in Australia, and now I am the head of an amazing team of Teachers all around the world.

Through my mentorship program not only will you bring your teaching experience online but you will also enhance your potential having the opportunity to work with one of the best group of Professionals such as Business Developers and Strategists, Recruiter-Energy Talents and Productivity Hackers, Frontend Developers and WordPress Specialist, Graphic designers and much more.


  • Develop the entrepreneurial mindset needed to turn your passion and your teaching skills into an online business.
  • Build a work-life balance that suits your ideal lifestyle.
  • Efficiently organise tasks, to do list, and, goals
  • Manage your resources (time, money, energy)
  • Enhance your experience and create your own personal online teaching method
  • Reach your ideal audience
  • Keep focus and motivate your students
  • Set up and manage your website, social media channels and mailing list
  • Write a Cash Flow and a Business Plan.
  • Weekly one on one sessions with your mentor
  • Weekly followup email with strategy tools
  • A team of professionals able to assist you with your marketing and financial strategy
  • Email assistance within 24 hours
I am Lora. I wasn’t a teacher, but now I can say that I am and that is only because my great mentor Claudia. I never thought that I will become a teacher. I never dreamed to be. But after I met my Italian teacher Claudia everything changed. With Claudia’s teaching method you can discover a new world – this of the Italian language. I used all of her teaching methods, I spend most of my time studying. Not only because I really want to be able to speak Italian, but also because Claudia’s program is really interesting and never boring like an ordinary language class or course. Her mentorship gave me the power to build something completely new for me, to create a project that I never thought I would be able to. And now, when I feel myself more confident and strong because of Claudia, I really want to recommend her mentorship to other teachers who want to find their way. Because her way can help more people no matter where are they. It is not because the friendship, it is because Claudia is the most patient person who is able to help no matter what. Claudia is my first mentor and I think she will always be the only one. -Lora

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